The globalization greatly increases cross-border trade, investment, communication and cultural exchange, but language difference becomes the obstacle. Since the population of the world is more than 7 billion and people speak over 7,000 languages. Therefore, in order to help people with different culture background understand each other better, translation is a must.


The importance of translation draws attention of many enterprises. Even the international giants try to enter the language services place, including Facebook who launches a translation tool to help its one billion users to post updates in multiple languages. Linkedin also releases ProFinder to enter Freelance/independent workforce market. Leaving aside for the good or bad trial, their involvement indicates that translation plays a more and more important role in today’s international exchanges.


However, it’s easy to be a translation service provider, but it’s difficult to be a qualified service provider. The reason is that translation is not simply converting one language into another one with literal meaning; it’s the conversion between different cultures. Bad translation is similar to machine translation which may have done good job on some short colloquial sentences, but not for professional words. A qualified translation service provider will translate under the context. Because of that translation cannot be isolated from the contexts where the words are rooted.


Does this mean that all human translation is good? The answer is no, only the professional human translation can make the target language is perfectly readable when the audience finally get to see it. Integrity Multilingual Translation Services Co., Ltd is just such kind of translation service provider which aims to provide faster, accurate, efficient and cost-saving service to its customers. Powerful and professional translator base and competitive price give customers the unprecedented experiences.



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